Katrina asked:

Pugs are so cute but so they all have gas problems? If so how do you control it? Gas pills?
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9 Responses to “Do pugs have gas problems? Any ideas on how to cut down?”

  1. libertydogtraining Says:

    Quality food.
    No table scraps.

  2. tdude09 Says:

    Good food.
    My dog had this promblem.

    Dont feed it wet food, try dry food.

  3. Renate Says:

    Do not give Pugs human food because they all do have a problem with flatulence. Find a good grade of food that does not give you Pug gas and stay with that food.

  4. KEVIN M C Says:

    Good food
    My dog had this promblem?

  5. i<3mydoggy Says:

    not many pugs have gas problems
    it could be the food you are freeding them
    try changing the food type
    and see fi that helps
    if not i would try the pills

  6. Shane Says:

    Curtail is the doggy version of Beano, it works great.

    Use a high quality (no corn) dog food.

    Try filtered water. I don’t know why, but it works sometimes.

  7. goodintentions82 Says:

    My sister’s pug has a gas problem, he could clear a room! I agree with previous answers that maybe better quality food could help, my sister feeds him cheap food and I believe thats why he has gas so bad. I also think cheap food causes gas in other dogs also, especially puppies.

  8. monkey man Says:

    The first thing you should know is that pugs do have gas problems. What I have found out is that if you put a cork up their ass that does not do anything, they just explode. What you should do is take a gas-ex pill and break it in half, put it in the dog dish and that minimizes the amount of gas that the pug has.

  9. enemany Says:

    change its food

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