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The girl that sold it to me told me that he is pure breed.But everybody that see’s him says that he’s not becuase his face is long like a doverman pinch and if he would of been pure breed his face would be big like other rottweiler’s.Is this true.People say that he is mixed with doverman

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9 Responses to “How do i know if my rottweiler is pure breed?”

  1. Stephanie Loves Sam Says:

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    almost impossible to tell without papers. or if u know his pedigree otherwise ur pretty much SOL. but does it really matter u love ur dog right

  2. CaptainCool Says:

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    The only way you can tell if any dog is a purebred is if the parents are registered with the appropriate registry or Kennel Club such as the AKC. Other than that you can have dogs that look like a purebred but really aren’t.

  3. alex Says:

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    i agree with answer 2

  4. camelsof7 Says:

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    go back to the girl and ask for papers if she didnt sell you one you can get some of your money back for false advertizing. i bet this wont change the love you have for your dog.

  5. Brown Eyed Girl Says:

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    Theres a picture of a Rottweiler cross Doberman

    Your dog might be, but it is very hard to tell. But yes Rottweilers are known for their huge skull. But it doesn’t really matter does it? I own two dogs and they are both cross breeds, and I love them just as much as I would if they were pure bred. Alaskan Malamute cross Bull mastiff, and Maltese cross Pomeranian.

    Sorry if you paid the amount for a pure bred. But really you can’t do anything about it now, just love your dog for who it is.

    Good luck!

  6. ainawgsd Says:

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    The only way to know for sure is if you have papers. You can try doing a doggie DNA test (they sell kits for about $60, do an online search and you’ll find one easily enough). Your dog could be mixed with a doberman, but he could just as easily be a poorly bred purebred rottwieler. Rotts are supposed to have large, square heads but some of them have improper head type. Not all dogs are a good specimen of their breed and a poorly bred dog with a lot of faults can look like a mutt even if he is purebred. Also, if he was neutered very young he won’t develop secondary sex characteristics, like a massive head.

  7. bekkaroo Says:

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    i agree that the only way you can find out is with papers…but you could also spend the money on a DNA testing, but i wouldn’t do that until they become more up to speed. but to put a different perspective on it i was at the dog park the other day and a lady had full breed rott and it was on the small side, it looked like a rott but he was just smaller, so it might be a different kind of rott so to speak.

  8. bastuardo1 Says:

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    the only way you can know is if you find out whether the parents are purebred or not.

  9. CorsoMom Says:

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    Registration papers

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