Apple asked:

I bought this heeler X (alleged) boxer three weeks ago. I have been able to teach her to sit on command. I think she is an extremely smart puppy and will be a good natured dog, it’s just that she insists on biting feet heels and hands. I wonder if this is a phase she is going through.

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5 Responses to “How do I stop my 10 week old red heeler X Boxer puppy from biting our feet?”

  1. Linsy Says:

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    My puppy did this too, we just continually told him no when he did this and be FIRM. He is 11 months old now and doesnt bite at all. Your dog needs to know who is the boss and that this behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE

  2. dan Says:

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    you can’t because shes just teething. She’ll stop when her adult teeth come in.

  3. teresa s Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Tell her “no.”

    Don’t encourage the behavior by giving attention when she does that. She will catch on.

  4. Heather B Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Ok, I have broke all my animals from biting unwanted…U tell the puppy no bite…..and immediately replace your hand or feet with a toy and make it interesting. As soon as that puppy puts his teeth on u no matter how hard, tell him no or no bite, and give him or toss a toy.He will catch on really quick. None of my dogs r allowed to bite for at least the first 6 months at all!~ Make sure u have lots of toys and dont encourage playing with hands or feet. After a certain age I allow my dogs to bite, but at this point they realise the strength and at any point it is tooo hard, I let them know. This has work from Pit-Bulls to Chihuahuas, Now the decision to allow to revert back is yours, just takes some altering and i never bring it on, it may just appear on its own, some of my dogs wont put their teeth on u during play and some will, just not very hard. Dont get me wrong I believe my dogs would protect me in any case, But there is time for play and a time for not…Make sure there r lots of toys, u cant expect them not to play and/or bite your hands and feet if it is your choice of toy…this dog will want to please u.. :)

  5. sabumitz Says:

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    She’s playing, but if you don’t stop or prevent her from doing this it could become a favorite life long game. When she does this, stop and ask for a sit, then give her a treat and maybe play some other game. If that doesn’t work, gently put her somewhere where she can’t get at you. Sort of a time out. She’ll soon figure out which behaviors get her play time and which behaviors get her time out. She’ll likely start to repeat the behaviors that she gets rewarded for and the other behaviors will begin to extinguish. It will take time and patience but it’s basically how dogs learn anything.

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