bleedinglove_x asked:

You know how Shih Tzu’s fur is all fluffy when they are puppies.

How do you make the adult shih tzu’s fur fluffy? Shampoo?

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9 Responses to “How do you give adult Shih Tzu’s the fluffy fur look like the puppy?”

  1. Aimee N Says:

    Dog Food Secrets!

    brush it really, really well. :)

  2. theskyisblue13 Says:

    Dog Food Secrets!

    idk but that dog in the pic is really cute! =)


  3. victoriaaaa Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    isn’t it already fluffy?

  4. Official BYB Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    by taking the dog to the groomers and brushing the fur 2 daily

  5. Lucy ? Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    I have an adult Shih Tzu, and I prefer to keep her fluffy.

    I keep her hair shorter, and not long like the normal Shih Tzu. I don’t use any special shampoo! Keep the hair shorter, feed a great quality food, and bathe her regularly and the fluffy will come back! It’s mainly in the food you’re feeding, better food – better hair!

  6. Rosalie Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    You can ask the groomer to give her a ‘puppy cut’ which is short, and all the same length.

  7. ? Stranger ¿ in Indiana Says:

    Dog Food Secrets!

    A trim can give them more of the effect…but most people know what there dogs going to look like when it’s adult and don’t just buy a dog because it was cute as a puppy…

    Puppies arn’t puppies forever…..

  8. Bailey Says:

    Dog Lovers Mega Pack

    Blow Drier……really

  9. Kiwi Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    I have bad news for you… Puppies grow up. Their fur is not the same when they are grown. It is longer, and silky if you take care of them. Once they are grown, the puff is gone. I work adopting out animals, and get a lot that are given up because they are not the puppies they bought when they grew up. That is like asking how can I get my skin to look like it did when I was 2.

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