GorillaMyke asked:

My puppie Rottweiler just started her period, and I was wondering how long that bleeding will last. Thanks.
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  1. st.lady Says:

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    First NO DOG HAS EVER HAD A PERIOD! Its ESTRUS! nothing at all like a period. Get it fixed and you will never have to deal with it at all. You obviously don’t know enough to EVER BREED it if you think it gets a period. SO HAVE IT SPAYED NOW!!!

  2. Amanda B Says:

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    Reguardless of breed, most dogs “heat” cycle, last on average 21 days.. they can have variable amounts of vulva swelling, bleeding, during this time.. some dogs are very neat, some make a big mess..

    The important note, is good idea to keep her under stict observation for the next 4 weeks, this means no out time without you, walks in the area to a and from your house,, ,, because this will lead intact males to your house,, and do not guess she is done her heat cycle, baised on the amount of swelling or bleeding,, because often this is when females get caught by the male and unwanted pups result..

    If you have no plans on breeding her,, then keep her safe, and get her spayed in a few months,, dogs generally have cycles every 6 or so months,, so you have some time to get this arranged,, It is best if possible to not have her spayed while in season,, it makes the procedure more complicated..and overall health wise and also the mess and bother,, is best not to leave a female intact.. If you do plan on breeding her, ideally dogs should not be bred on their first heat cycle, and generally after 2 when all the health clearances, hip,eyes,elbows ect can be done..

    Good luck..

  3. gloriadoglover Says:

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    Are you planning to breed her? I will recommend you not to do it , I don’t think you have enough experience, but also you should not let her have puppies they kill to many everyday.So think about it and spay her ASAP, Also keep her inside while she is in heat. Good luck.

  4. Ardelia Says:

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    Heat cycle have 4 stages. These are called pro-estrus, estrus, di-estrus and anestrus. The bleeding is seen in mainly proestrus stage due to some bleeding in uterus. This lasts about 9 days. But in some dogs this can extend to 10-17 days. In some dogs you can see a red colored flux in estrus stage too. But it may not be like the one you see in proestrus. So this situation changes from dog to dog.

  5. heysanj75 Says:

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    Its not that we think were better than anybody else. But many of us spend a good portion of our lives rescuing, caring for and helping hundreds of homeless pets. That’s all. Their are hundreds of Rottie breeders everywhere as well as Pits and Staffies and Dobeys. Were just trying to keep people aware of the dangers and the truth about breeding. If you don’t know these types of answers, then you have no business breeding.

  6. tiger_cutie2000 Says:

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    In heat, her cycle, her period. I don’t care what you call it. A dog will start in heat, normally, close to 6 months of age and will go into heat every 6 months after for 2-3 weeks

  7. Socially Distorted II Says:

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    A heat is typically a two week ordeal for them. Large breed females also tend to have a high hormonal level in the weeks to follow. Breeds such as German Shepards, Dobes, American Mastifs (pitbulls) and the like tend to show signs of pregancy, even though their not. Swollen glands, irritablitiy and bedding are common-if you do not plan in breeding her-it is wise to get her spayed as soon as she finishes her heat.

  8. ulcrm Says:

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    Why isn’t she spayed??? There enough rotties rotting in shelters and getting killed because of people like you not getting their pets fixed. There are to many dogs and not enough homes for them. Be a responsible dog owner and get her spayed.

  9. nodesignerdogs4me Says:

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    its called a heat. get her spayed asap you idiot.

  10. Sue Says:

    How rude some peoples comments are why do they bother reading the messages if they have not got a real answer , nothing better to do springs to mind ………….. they could say get her spayed but it a different way with out being so rude .

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