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Puppy chow says we should feed our 6 pound Beagle 1 cup a day. My girlfriend brought our puppy to the vet and said he said to feed him 1/2 cup a day. Divided into 3 meals, 1/2 cup is 1/6 of a cup per serving 3 times a day. This is extremely little. Does this sound right?

Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

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  1. Cuddles Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    I’d sayto give him 3/4 of a cup a day. It is half way between what the vet and the puppy chow said. Give her 1/4 at breakfast, lunch,and supper. If she don’t eat t all, give her less next meal. My lab/sheperd mix only eats a little over a cup a day, even thogh whe give her 3/4 of a cup each meal. She’s 8 weeks old and we go by the puppy chow whic says he minium for her is 2 cups a day.

    If your dog dosen’t eat enough, try changing the brand of fod you give her.

    Hope this helps:)

  2. silver_marchingtrumpet Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Personal Expierence: What ever kind of food (wet or dry) you feed it just fill it or fill the bowl half way. Because You never know when your puppy might be hungry and if he’s not trained it can’t tell you. I know it may sound bad to fill a bowl but my expirence with a beagle it works.

  3. Lizzie Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Go with what the vet tells you. I would not use puppy chow either. I would get an organic food for your new little beagle. I feed my 2 life’s abundance (the best on the market) and they are 10 and 12 lbs and they get 1 cup per day. So 1/2 cup sounds about right. But, DO get quality dog food, please. You and your dog will be better in the long run!

  4. ninjaaa! Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Okay, absolutely do not fill the bowl all the way. Believe me, if your beagle could tell you when he was hungry, he would be tugging at your sleeve 24 hours a day. Beagles are the kind of dogs that can eat till they burst…then start eating somemore.

    I would say about one cup a day. It depends on what food you’re feeding, actually. Some foods have high nutritional content and your dog’s body will “absorb” most of it – other foods are mostly filler and your dog will pass out most of it.

    This link might help you out:

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