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I have a 4 month old american bulldog puppy. She weighs 15 pounds, I am feeding her “science diet puppy small bites” 1 cup three times daily. Is she eating enough? She wants more food after shes done and she eats very quickly. I’m thinking of trying free feeding but I’m not sure

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  1. Jessica C Says:

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    read the bag it will tell you how much to give a puppy per pound per day.

  2. bullygirl807 Says:

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    I wouldn’t recommend free feeding as that’s when most dogs tend to become over weight. 1 cup three times a day is a good starting point. If you want, increase the food by a half cup and also increase her exercise. Your puppy is still growing, so give it some time yet.

  3. NOT a Black St. Bernard!! Says:

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    Free feeding is not a great idea. All you need to do is make sure she is thin, but not too thin. If she is looking too thin, increase the food some. If she starts looking plump, decrease the food a little. This is a large breed and should NEVER be too fat, especially while growing.

    At 15 pounds at 4 months, she is pretty small though. Mine is 6 months and weighs about 55 pounds.

  4. TwiztedDrumNuttie Says:

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    I free feed my dogs, but you have to start them early so that they don’t overeat. All 4 of my dogs have been raised as free feeders from young pups because in case for some reason I miss one of their mealtimes because I had to be in town, I don’t have to worry about feeding them, it’s always there… if you do free feed keep an eye on her weight as well to make she she ISN’T overeating. Otherwise follow the directions on the back of your bag of dog food if you choose not to free feed.

  5. blue flower Says:

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    please switch your dog food to almost anything but iambs. iambs and science diet have made a lot of dogs sick. personally i use ol’ roy from wal-mart(i have 130 lb. rottie does great on it). a lot of other people on line recommend Purina one, or something called canaide(sorry, i know that’s spelled wrong)

  6. Cathy C Says:

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    15lbs does seem a bit small for a larger breed dog. You might even consider going to a higher grade brand dog food. Science diet is an ok dog food, but can have a lot of by products in them. I have a 2 year old Boxer female and we feed her 1.5 cups AM and 1.5 cups PM = 3 cups a day. She is a solid 68lbs. She’s an active gal, so that does play a part in it. We’ve fed her Canidea, Artemis, Solid Gold. They are higher grade dog foods, but there are no by products or junky food for dogs in them. It’ll fill them up with “good stuff”. Most puppies tend to get up to 4 cups a day. Again, this should be based on their exercise regimen and current weight. It’ll be easier to add weight than to lose it. Like the earlier post. Larger breeds tend to do better as they grow in to adults on the thinner side.

  7. MandB Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    this food is over marketed, over priced crap!!!
    look at the ingredient list yourself…
    OMG corn meaL?? this should NEVER be in top 3 positions in a food..(good foods dont even use corn anywhere)
    Wheat?? (like corn this is a common allergin for dogs and a cheap filler)
    Chicken by-Products = YUMMY beaks feet and feathers.. just what every dog wants to feat.. (and they are preserved with dangerous chemical pesticide known as Ethoxyquin)
    Soybean??? omg yet another common allergen and cheap filler – commonly associated with BEHAVIOR Problems…

    Hills is over priced because they actually PAID (and still do pay) for vet endorsement..infact I bet you can find several vets that will actually reccommend this crap..

    did you know most vets receive little or NO training on ingredients or brands??? as such when Science Diet reps brainwash them about how wonderful the food is.. the vets happily promote it…

    do your dog a favor get her a better food – read the ingredient list yourself..

    when feeding a better food – your dog will eat less – poop less and have fewer health problems as an adult…
    ALL food from grocery store and Wal Mart is crap with too much filler (somebody mentioned Ol Roy but that is really crappy) not all foods sold in pet supply stores are good – eg Science Diet, Eukanuba etc are crap – read the lables

    Free feeding is NOT a good idea.. most people actually reccommend feeding 2 x a day and removing un eaten food after half hour (3 times a day for small toy breeds)

    when you get a food you feed as per the weight the dog SHOULD be according to the chart on the side of the bag.

  8. smarty pants Says:

    Dog Lovers Mega Pack

    Good Breed Choice!!!

    On the side of every bag there is a chart of age/size/weight and how much you should feed them. At 4 months, she should be eating a lot because its a rapid grow time.

    I wouldn’t recommend free feeding, because dogs tend to thrive on a schedule.

    I have an American bulldog/pitbull mix, at 6 months she is 50 lbs. She has slowed growing, but that is to be expected.

    American Bulldogs can range in size from a full grown of 60-120 lbs. If you know her parents sizes, it should be able to tell you how big she will be. Also look at her paws, if they are on the small size then she will be a smaller pup.

    We feed our puppy Eukanuba and we are really happy with it, it took a little getting used to on our puppy’s part but she has grown a liking to it.

    Good Luck!!!

  9. AJ Says:

    My american bulldog eats 1 1/2 cups of puppy food 3x a day he is 3 months old and weighs 27 lbs the vet said he looks great keep doing what im doing. I would give her a half cup more each feeding if she leaves a little you know shes full if she eats it all try 1 cup more she is growing so it wont make her fat or overweight

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