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If I were to buy a poodle mix puppy what is the range of what I should pay?
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19 Responses to “How much should I pay for a poodle mix puppy?”

  1. ivy91189 Says:

    Don’t buy one. There are plenty in the pounds. Save a life.

  2. FR33 L1K3 M3 Says:

    I hate poodles, when their fur growsa out, they look like friggin SHEEP! and it gets so dirty…. eww. they must always be primp and shaved and even when they are, they look like- wtf? why would you do that to a dog? poor dog. then i even see people with pink poodles and stuff. omfg.

  3. saraly_11385 Says:

    A Poodle mix puppy, while adorable, is still a mixed breed or mutt. The dog will not have AKC or UKC papers. I wouldn’t expect to pay anything for a dog that is not a pure bred.

  4. tanja_berengue Says:

    well in a perfect world you would be rescuing this dog from the animal shelter, and their adoption fees for dogs range from about 60-80 bucks. consider it, you’re saving it’s life when you adopt from the humane socieity

  5. hanksimon Says:

    You can get a mixed breed puppy for $100 – $200 from a Rescue, SPCA, or Humane Society. That usually includes some shots, and may include cost of fixing the pup.

    If the price is high, consider that You might be able to find a purebred, non-show quality poodle at a Poodle Rescue.

    The best time to adopt a pup is at 49 days… after 6 weeks, but before 9 weeks.

  6. vehura Says:

    While I would say, no money, to be a bit fair, you should pay whatever it cost them to take the puppy to the vet for it’s first vet visit and any shots they had to do. Ask them where they took the puppy and what they had done. Ask for a receipt.

    If they didn’t even take the puppies to the vet to be looked at, then you shouldn’t have to pay anything. For all you know, you could be getting a sick puppy.

  7. dogperson Says:

    I’d first try. Rescues will charge you between $150-$350, but that includes a vet check, vaccinations, s/n, heartworm test and many times a teeth cleaning, microchipping. However, rescues don’t usually get puppies. And, the small dogs go very quickly, so you need to be patient. You can also check and see if your local shelter is using this website. You can then see if they have any poodle mixes up for adoption. These would be less that $100 usually and include s/n and vaccinations.
    I saw a purebreed 4 month old toy poodle in our local shelter. Again, it does not happen a lot, but you can get really nice dogs in the shelter sometimes.
    If you decide you just can’t wait and buy a pup, it will be expensive. Everyone is calling poodle mixes by designer names like malti-poos and charging as much or more than what you’d pay for a purebred poodle.

  8. Marna O Says:

    What I feel fair to pay is something around $50….if the people you are getting it from have taken care of the pup and it has received its first shot and been wormed.

  9. Nicolerichie1#fan! Says:

    Go to an pound or rescue,they could have one.And while your doing this,just get one there,save an life.

  10. estevan b Says:

    about $100 bucks is worth it

  11. sad-ash Says:

    you should go to a shelter and rescue a puppy. those babies need homes and they don’t charge too much.

  12. Samantha Says:

    If I was you , I wouldn’t pay that much for a mixed breed , because if you were to breed them later , or just to really keep them , they wouldn’t be worth that much money. If you were looking to spend allot of money on a pet , I would say to buy a AKC Registered dog that would have champion blood lines. But with a mixed breed , you wouldn’t find any of these things .

  13. Ben P Says:

    I saw a bunch up for adoption in the pound, get one there. If you are a true dog lover you will feel too sorry that is locked up in there.

  14. mygaldal Says:

    I hope you are getting it from your local pound? Other than that nothing.

  15. mrslnocon Says:

    I would go to petfinder.com and adopt a poodle mix. I would never contact a “backyard breeder” to purchase a mixed breed because it encourages them to continue breeding for profit (supply and demand). Technically they’re mutts, so you would be paying someone hundreds of dollars for a dog that you could adopt for a lesser amount.

    I would also consider whether you had the time for a puppy or not. I know that puppies are EXTREMELY cute and all that, but they do take up LOTS of time. Think of having a child, your schedule will have to be modified to fit his (potty training). I would research a little to see exactly what it takes to take care of a puppy before making a decision.

    There are tons of slightly older dogs 9 months and above who’re beyond the chewing stage, seperation anxiety, etc. Plus a good thing with an older dog is that you’ll have an idea of what the dog’s personality is like, they may also be housebroken, and they may also have gone through some other training.

    All in all I wish you luck with your search. Just make sure that if you go to a “backyard breeder” be careful. They’re one of the groups of people who are contributing to this problem of animal overpopulation in the shelters and rescues.

  16. red79pup Says:

    Are you thinking of buying a “whatever-poo” (designer-doggie)? If so, I beg you NOT to do that. It’s a MUTT … and if you want a mutt, PLEASE go to the pound or shelter and adopt one there. You’re just kidding yourself if you agree to pay big bucks for a “-poo” or a “-doodle” … just because it has a cutesy name, or because it’s trendy. A purebred poodle is an excellent dog, and worth every penny if acquired from an experienced breeder. Those designer mixes are a slap in the face to a conscientious dog breeder.

    You can get a wonderful mixed-breed dog from the dog pound for about 20 bucks and the cost of a license … or from an animal shelter for the cost of shots and spay/neuter (less than $200 in most cases) … I know those designer doggies are cute, but they’re worth nothing from a breeding standpoint, and they’re contributing to pet overpopulation. PLEASE reconsider. Good luck!

  17. theapydog.topaz Says:

    Be careful of the internet or pet store dogs.I think the best place is petfinder or your local shelters .I got 2 of my dogs through there and am very happy both of them were a year old.

  18. mj Says:

    Approximately $35 for a spay/neuter poodle mix who has been brought up to date on all shots and in some cases even microchipped.

    At you local SPCA or Aminal Control

    Good Luck. Please don’t waste your money paying anymore!

  19. rae8610 Says:

    The fact that you’d be willing to spend a nickel on a mutt is outright amazing.

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