Shelie asked:

I have an 8 week old shih tzu and I am currently feeding him 3 times a day. I only feed him small portions and don’t overfeed him. Each time I serve the food in on his bowl, he finishes it. If I put a couple more kibbles, he finishes it again.

Should I feed him more portions each time? Should I feed him until
his full each time?

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  1. S N Says:

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    a cup a day of puppy food

  2. gemitwin14 Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    you should probably feed him/her 3/4 cup of kibble a day or you can do it twice….

  3. Hollister hotty Says:

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    as much as the dog can eat or a cup a day keeps the doctor away

  4. rie Says:

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    I would call your vet,& ask for guidelines.Or,you can try self feed,which is to put a good amount of food in a bowl,& watch how much it eats before stopping.Our tiny poodle maintained a perfect 5 # by that method.Of course if it finishes whatever you put down,you’ll end up with a chubby unhealthy dog.

  5. MzLizz Says:

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    feed him based on his weight, which will be on the side of the dog food bag
    we have two shih-tzus and they love to EAT!!
    we have to watch their food or they will get fat
    make sure you are feeding them a good quality food, like IAMS.
    the cheap food has alot of filler, your dog will be hungry sooner, and you will not save money because you have to use more
    also its much better for your dog to feed him high quality food
    make sure he is getting plenty of fresh water
    good luck, you will really lovelove this dog

  6. Bonnie L Says:

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    A small breed dog this needs to be with it’s Mom and Littermates until it’s 12 weeks old. Please take the pup back to the breeder for another month.

  7. Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    According to the Vets that I have utilized, feeding as much as they want at each feeding [about 20 minutes ] is best. Be sure water is always available.
    I never followed this advice during the first 3 months. :-) I fed canned or cooked food 3 times a day. Then also always left dry kibble down for them to eat when ever they desired up until 6 pm. Then the food was removed. Water pickedup at 8pm. This helped the pups with their growth and teeth development. But I was a large breed person. I have heard that what the above Vets suggested was excellent for small breeds.

  8. Stevo Says:

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    Depends on which food and how much he ways. Stick to dry puppy food and remember to worm him every 2 weeks until the age of 16 weeks then every 3 months after that.

  9. Cheyenne B Says:

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    3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. When it gets older like 10 months and over only twice. breakfast and dinner.When its getting very OLD feed it once a day.

  10. Shay Says:

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    My vet recommends Eukanuba and you can buy the small breed puppy formula. It is a dry food and I keep it available all the time. If your puppy will eat bigger sized bites you can feed IAMS puppy food. My vet said it is basically the same thing.

    Puppies are growing during this time and they need the nutrition. They won’t over eat. I keep food available for all my dogs to eat as they wish and none are over weight.

    Of course, make sure he has water available at all time too.

  11. Job Hunt Master Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Feed three times a day and take away food if not touched within 15 minutes.

    Good luck and why not say hello to Geordie our 4 week old shih tzu puppy at puppyloveuk?

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