natedogg118 asked:

I have 5 puppies that are 6 weeks old. There mom ran off and never came back. For the past 3 weeks I have been feeding the puppies 2% milk. How old the puppies have to be before I can give them puppy chow?

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9 Responses to “How old should puppies be before you can feed them puppies food?”

  1. kim Says:

    my friends puppys are5 weeks and eating wet food

  2. Tsunami Says:

    you get really good canned dog foood. you put it with 1/2 water and half canned dog food and feed it to them it should have been awhile but that is ok they will eat this for 7 mos or so and then you can break them into dry dog food. you can use if they are small dogs use some from pets smart. they have all kinds and look for wher ethe list shows meat first and cerals last.

  3. Ani Says:

    uhg! Hun, dogs dont drink cow’s milk! Its bad for them!

    Please take them to a vet and see if they need puppy formula still. Generally at that age they should be able to eat puppy food (wet mixed with dry), but you need to get them to a vet. Feeding them nothing but milk will give them none of the nutrients they need!

  4. Thats Me Says:

    You should start. 2% milk does not have enough fat or nutrience in it to keep them healthy for long. Buy a good brand of food such as Orijen soften it with some warm water to start and maybe even a little teaspoon of wet food. :)

  5. Nekai Says:

    Kidding?? I sure hope so…

    If their mom ran off, you should have used your computer to find out about how to care for ORPHANED puppies!

    2% milk?? They make Puppy MILK Replacer for this very reason. You’re saying that you have ONLY given your dogs milk since their mom ran off?? C’mon.

    You can introduce QUALITY puupy food right now, they should be eating kibble without complications.

  6. cmspotts1219 Says:

    Talk to your vet about their nutritional needs. They should NOT be on cows milk at this point. They should be eating puppy milk replacer. At this point, it is feesible to soak some high quality dry food in the puppy milk replacer and mix a little canned food in to make a mush sort of meal for them. But again, you really should talk to your vet about their needs, both nutritional and their vaccination needs. They are no longer getting proteins from mom to boost their immunity.

  7. Milly Says:

    Usually you can start a puppy on soft puppy chow at about 4 to 5 weeks. These that you have should have teeth and can eat OK. They will need more than just 2% milk. Try a good puppy chow, start off with softened dry You will have to watch and make sure they don’t over eat. Usually they wont with dry. Be sure they have free choice of water. You might want to contact a vet .

  8. ..:STEPH:.. Says:

    my dog recently had puppies and we fed them solid foods at about 5-6 weeks when they started growing their teeth! and were able to eat it!

  9. April L Says:

    try feeding it to them now…. if they dont like it try even weet-bix with there puppy milk of even they juices for the meat you cook over top of the puppy food…. leave even just water and puppy food out for them and they should eat it…. especalliy if they are 8 weeks old.. all my pupr were eating normal food by 6weeks and went to there new homes by 7 weeks…

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