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Mike asked:

What would you do? I love him and he is a great dog. We watched the Gulf War on TV together and even watched desperate housewives. We have been through alot together and he is a true American and supports GWB on the war on the Arabs. Should I put him out of his misery?

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25 Responses to “I have a dog that can barely walk and is 16 years old. Everyone says to put it to sleep but I’m against it.”

  1. KB Says:

    Is he in misery? Unless your dog is feeling discomfort and suffering, why would you have to put him down?

  2. Common Sense Says:

    Depends on his quality of life..
    If he is happy, content and not in pain then why put him down ?

  3. clarity Says:

    The question is, is he miserable? Is he literally dragging himself around? Does he seem tired all the time? Is there any quality of life for him?

    I just had to have a wonderful dog I’d had for 14 1/2 years put to sleep at the end of May. One morning when she woke up, she was having a lot of trouble controlling her back legs. I knew it was time to let her go. It was hard, but I knew it was the right thing to do and that she was ready. I really could see it in her eyes.

    Please be kind and loving to your dog and consider what he’s going through. Believe me, I KNOW how hard it is. However, he’s looking to you to take care of him.

  4. idtshadow Says:

    If the dog can no longer be a dog and do dog things, you are being selfish and keeping him alive for your benefit, not his.

  5. JR Says:

    If he is suffering. You don’t want him to suffer.

    I had a 19 yr old cat that her eyes still looked good but she was suffering and I had to let her go.

  6. Shauna Says:

    if your dog cant walk to good dont put him down! just help him it isnt his time to die and you dont want to force to leave the world just because Some people say so and always stick up for your dog tell him hes doing good and remember He is YOUR dog so you get to choose not other people just rub where ever he is hurting and give a nice soft place to sleep and rest! :D

  7. prospect_447 Says:

    i had adog that i grew up with for 16 years. i was the first one to hold him after he was born (when i was in 2nd grade). he was the best dog ever, but he got to the point that he couldn’t walk either. it broke my heart to watch him suffer, so we had him put to sleep. the vet came out and gave him the shot and i sat with him on the couch till he went to sleep. i have never regretted it. it was the right thing to do.

  8. gurlfriin Says:

    if u really love him why make him suffer. U r gonna find him dead. or worse suffering to his death one day

  9. melissa k Says:

    Why can’t he walk? Does he seem to be in pain or distress? If so, as hard as it is, giving him a peaceful end may be the kindest thing you can do for him.

    If he has arthritis or a treatable problem, medicine, water therapy, or accupuncture can get him on his feet again.

    If he is absolutely fine other wise and this is just a matter of mobility, there are canine carts and special slings that you can buy to help him get around. Political views aside, there is no need to put him down just because he can’t walk.

  10. hillbilly wife Says:

    we had a dog that had a stroke, the first one she kind of bounced back from,the second one she wasn’t so lucky. she became partially paralyzed. so the time came we had to make the DIFFICULT decision. I stayed in the room to say goodnight to my ‘family member”. Very emotional for me, but very peaceful for the will know if it is right,just look in you friend’s eyes.

  11. Kimmie Says:

    If he is in a lot of pain and there is no chance for recovery, then you might want to consider it. If he’s not in pain and you can help him get around, let nature run it’s own course. This might help ypu from another poster:

  12. rabbitwhisperer Says:

    NOBODY can make that decision for you. If you want to increase his comfort, why not talk to a veterinarian about arthritis medications and things you can do to help with comfort.
    When deciding to euthanize you should set perameters on quality of life. DO you think your dog is still enjoying her life??? What things (such as walking around the block, or playing) do you attach to her happiness and can she still do those things?
    You can talk this out further with your vet. I have this discussion almost daily with clients, as do most other veterinarians.

    -a veterinarian

  13. bettachick6721 Says:

    If he is happy, let him live. If he is in constant pain, and there is no other way to stop it, i would put him down. But, if you decide to puthim down, i would pamper him like a KING for the last week or two of his life. this means TREATS, TLC, AND COMFORT! but, only put him down if he is VERY unhappy and in PAIN!

  14. lasalle_1986 Says:

    this is a very hard decision. if he is sufering in, then yes as much as it would hurt you, you can not expect for him to be with you just for your best interest and not his. but if his spirits are up, then dont. it all depends. you can also take him to see his vet and he want he recommended, but the final decision will be yours.

  15. rosa rodriges Says:

    unless he has an incurable severe pain then there would be no reason to . my dog is between 17 and 20. and she does have trouble getting up in the morning sometimes, but with medicine , care , and regular exercise she feels like a new puppy(well when the doorbell rings anyway)

  16. steph c Says:

    Have you talked to your vet about helping his mobility? I know he is old but there is medicine that can help arthritis if that is what is wrong.There are ramps and things like that to help him get around that you can get online and at pet stores.

    My dog can’t get around very well because she hurt her hip in an accident and surgery didn’t help much. She takes pain medicine and she is happy staying in the house and hanging out.

    I wouldn’t have him put down unless you have a good reason to think he is miserable and there is nothing you can do to help.

  17. thegreengenie Says:

    Let him go already.If you Love him then you wouldn’t let him suffer,if that is what he is doing.It’s time to put your K-9 patriotic companion down.It would be a final act of Love.I know that it is hard to do but it probably would be best.Do you feel bad for him? If so,then do what feels right in your heart.

  18. angelee99 Says:

    never put down a pet unless he/she is in a lot of pain, and is miserable.
    If he is happy, and just a bit slow, then just keep him comfortable and happy.
    Think of all the happy time he spent with you, now is your turn to take care of him.
    you may need to clean up after him more, less outside time, and have to help him to his food and water. it’s time you give back…to all the love, fun he showed you.
    Pets are very generous with love. shower him with love, and let him live out the rest of his life in the place and with the people he loves the most!

  19. Brandy Says:

    If your beloved doggie cant hardly walk then you know his quality of life is not that good. Because he cant do what he once did. You have to consider how he must feel.I know because I had to do the same thing before. Its not that your killing him its just that if you know he is suffering then you cant be selfish and keep him forever. You have to do what you think is best for your pooch. Why make him live and suffer and hurt? Its hard, but sometimes we have to let them go and i sympathize with your situation.I had to do it.

  20. koichi_shun Says:

    jus let him pass away by fate!

  21. shopaholic7 Says:

    No. Dun do it or you’ll live the guilty feeling. I dun think he’s in misery because you love him so much, and dogs know that! And I’m sure he loves you too and he wanna stay by your side as long as possible. So just dun do it.
    People use the word “out it to sleep” to make you feel better, but I guarantee that you WONT feel better because deep in your heart you know that you were a part of taking his life away.
    But if he is sick, and nothing could cure him, I have to say that “put him to sleep” is the best way.
    But since he’s juz old and not sick, I say it once again.. dun do it, please! For your own sake and the dog’s.. Juz make him happy and pamper him as much as possible. So when he finally died, you still have these sweet memories with him and you wont have any regrets bout anything. If you really love him so much as you said, I think you can understand what I mean.
    I’m not telling you this outta nothing. I had a dog who died in a sudden 5 years ago. She was still young, 4 years old. I still can’t get over it yet til now cuz she wasn’t sick or anything. Yeah.. I juz wish I’d have the chance like you have now, the chance to know that I could make her happier in her last days.
    So please juz take my advice.
    Wish you happy days with your beloved dog :-)

  22. NickelSRanch Says:

    Sounds like a true friend. Whatever you feel is the right thing to do, you know your dog best, not anyone on here. It’s got to be a tough place to be in.

  23. walkinglady Says:

    Is he in misery? Is this dog in pain? If he’s not, I would keep him with me. You don’t seem to want to put him to sleep because he’s getting inconvenient – he’s still your companion.

    The time will come and you’ll know when it is, that this dog’s life is not a pleasure to him any more at any level – that’s the time to put him to sleep, not just because he has a hard time walking.

  24. afraid2sayf Says:

    Don’t you dare. Your dog is a kind of dog everyone wants to have. Spend more time with him now that he’s old and all. Make his last days happy.

  25. K G Says:

    This is a tough question. I wonder what I will do when my babies get to that point. It is all a question of when are you keeping him alive for him and when are you keeping him alive for you. He may need extra care, but that is fine and not a reason to put him to sleep if you are not ready. Care for him. Love him. Do not listen to others who do not understand the love and the bond. You will know in your heart when he is suffering. When he reaches that point that it is just too hard on him, you will have to be the strong one. I know that when it comes time, I want the vet to hook up the needle then leave the room. I want to hold my baby in my arms, say good by and hold him close. I want the last thing he sees is his “mommie” loving him. I will release him to play at the rainbow bridge until I can join him and walk him home.
    I will know when the time comes. It will be hard. It will be hard for you too. You will know. Be strong for him and do it with love. It would be like assisting a dying child on his deathbed to just let go. As much as you want to keep them for you, sometimes it is better for them and we have to put them first. Just prepare yourself and enjoy what time you have left.

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