Corey R asked:

I live in California and have two small children. The people behind us just moved in and build a dog run up against the bordering fence. They also placed the dog house against the fence and the dog is trying to get over to my yard.

These dogs bark & growl all day long. If they make it through the fence or over the fence. Do I have the right to shoot the dogs?

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20 Responses to “If my neighbors barking dog makes it over the fence can I shoot the dog?”

  1. Jodester Says:

    If you are in legitimate fear for your or your children’s lives, then yes.

    But perhaps you should contact someone who can help before it comes to that.

  2. alicorc101 Says:

    No, unless it attacks you or your livestock. Why don’t you go talk to your neighbors, or call animal control.

  3. Mel Says:

    no especially in ca the aspca will come and get you and put you in jail besides its wrong to shoot a dog even if they seem outta control its someones beloved pet

  4. Jessika Says:

    Why would you want to shoot them!? Call the police and have the owners better restrain them.

  5. Jessica C Says:

    If I felt like my children were in danger I would do anything to protect them.

  6. Swamp Poodles Says:

    Perhaps you should first either talk to the dog owner OR call animal control- if you shoot the dogs just because they bark- you’ll be in a lot more trouble.

  7. I <3 Simply Orange Says:

    Well…if it is a threat to you then yes but you need to find alternatives. Talk to the neighbor. Talk to animal control in your area if it is outside all day alone then that is a bad situation for it. Consider getting a taller fence for that border and getting your neighbors to agree to pay half. Inform them that you will take action if they don’t because you won’t put up with an aggressive dog getting into your yard near your children.

  8. misstraceyrick Says:

    Why don’t you go and speak to your neighbours before any gun-slinging goes on? If you explain your fears and worries rationally then i’m sure they’d be only to happy to help but don’t go over there threatening to kill their dogs if one comes into your yard, as a dog owner myself that would seriously get my back up! Just talk – its easier, kinder and the most sensible option! Best of luck to all concerned.

  9. mheather83 Says:

    In my opinion, not sure if it’s against the law, but if a dog comes in my yard threatening to attack me or my family I would shoot it. I would never shoot a dog without it being absolutely necessary, but in this case you can’t risk your kids being hurt or even killed. The dog may be ok if it gets out of its territory but you never know. Please don’t shoot the dog if it gets in your yard and acts ok. Call animal control or your neighbor. Have you tied talking to your neighbors about it. Try to prevent it from happening all together if you can.

  10. lfahn25 Says:

    Legally, if it’s on your land, you can do with it as is required. But I’d talk to them first.

  11. amy-lee g Says:

    only if it is attacking you like trying 2 kill ya then yah but no just talk 2 ya neigbours n tell thoem bout the problem
    n if you do shoot it you can be sued

  12. Jeanelle Wu Says:

    No! u will get in big big trouble, maybe even paying lots and lots and lots of $ !!!!! Besides, u can always call for help if the dog attacks u!

  13. BJ Says:

    Yes, you can if they break into your yard and you fear for your safety and the safety of your children. But before that happens call your local animal control agency and file a complaint!

  14. Jennifer Thomas Says:

    I would just call your local animal control about the dogs. Then let them handle it. I wouldn’t try and hurt the dogs. And I might would try talking to the neighbors that moved in and try to make friends with the dogs. Make sure you tell your children if they go outside and the dogs are in the back yard of your house not to go outside and to let you know. Them knowing what to do is always a good thing. Hope I helped and Good luck!

  15. mysuki Says:

    Call animal control and report a vicious dog…Tell them you are in fear for your kids safety..Your children have the right to be in there yard with out the threat of an aggressive dog..Make it very clear to the officer that these dog are very aggressive…And that you have the right to protect your family if the dog come through your fence..O ya I love dogs but if one came at my kid o ya i would shoot it…But you need to report the neighbors…

  16. redpianoplayer Says:

    You can’t actually shoot them, because that’s like saying :if my neighbor has a mean two-year old who throws rocks over the fence and he happens to jump over to retrieve a ball he threw; can I shoot him?” First of all you can get sued for that big time! Especially for killing and animal that probably meant no harm to you ar your kids. Just because one happens to jump over and it seems that you just can’t stand their barking doesn’t give you the right to shoot them. Most likely these dogs are not even a threat and just have issues with disturbing the peace. Try other options to solve this problem: Inform your neighbor that you have small children and that you are afraid because you don’t know the mentality of his dogs. Also tell him that you don’t appreciate the loud barking and that he should find a way to calm his dogs down or stop them from barking. Next you should tell him of the situation about the dogs trying to jump over into your yard and ask that he remove the dog house from his fence and put it somewhere else. You may just be trying to be a good father and protect your children, but that doesn’t mean you should take an animal’s life if they are not a real threat to you. Try considering these options instead resulting to violence against these animals, for all you know they might be unagressive and curious of their neighbor’s yard. If the owner fails to take into consideration, your feelings…get the police involved and I’m sure the matter will be taken care of.

  17. Jazzie's DuraAce Mom Says:

    Ask this in the legal section.

  18. Caninelegion Says:

    Not unless they are in the process of attacking you or your children. Just being there and shooting them could be grounds for felonious animal cruelty and many communities do not allow shooting within city limits for any reason (if being attacked or if a bugler were in the house, I’d still shoot and pay the stupid fine).

    The first thing to do is talk (NICELY!) to your neighbors and explain your concerns. If the dog continues to bark all day and this is not legal where you live (some places a dog or a person for that matter can make all the noise it wants until “quiet” hours) then call whoever does animal control.

  19. Ann O. Nym Says:

    Are these people owners or renters? If they rent, talk to their landlord about the dogs.

    Check your local ordinances, but usually the animal has to have actually attacked someone before it can be considered a “dangerous” dog. Take pictures, talk to the dog’s owner about increasing the security of the animals, and that didn’t work call Animal Control. While they may not be “dangerous”, if they bark all the time they may be considered a “nuisance”. Owners of nuisance dogs can be fined and may be forced to move/train/get rid of them.

    Talk to any other neighbors that may share fences with that neighbor, encourage them to contact Animal Control about these dogs.

  20. lover_gurl_num_1 Says:

    Are you serious? Ok if this dog is a threat adn trying to attack you or your kids then yes you have to protect your family but just b/c it is barking does not mean it is viscious dogs bark naturally!!! I’m sorry if this barking annoys you but that is no reason to want to shoot a dog! Now if it come into your yard and goes after your children then obviously you can’t let that happen but seriously like everyone else said go talk to the neighbors there is a good chance these dogs are not even viscious they are just vocal stop jumping to conclusions about the personality of dogs because of a loud bark my dog sounds evil and dangerous when she barks nad everyone is terrified but she is nothing but a big baby who wants to be heard so wanting to shoot a dog b/c it may be dangerous since it barks is absurd again no doubt if it goes after a child it has to be stopped hopefully w/o being shot but if that is the only way but honestly talk your neighbors and everyone please stop jumping to conclusions about animals! good luck i hope it all works out but please don’t shoot any animals unless it is absolutely necessary!

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