Guy B asked:

Lately my poodle runs in a set pattern in the backyard. He is running with his nose down near the ground as if he is tracking something.
Any Ideas why this behavior have started or how to stop or understand it, we have another pet that is not acting in this way.

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8 Responses to “Is it strange my poodle like to run in circles in the backyard?”

  1. SoccerSTAR Says:

    well my maltese does it all the time, its normal for animals… from what I know

  2. AB Says:

    he is probably bored and needs a job to do. The only animals I know of that circle constantly are ones that have been locked up with nothing to do or have rabies

  3. gamachichi1 Says:

    maybe she is just having crazy half hour. its where young dogs/cats run around as if the just ate a cup of sugar.

  4. Tanya O Says:

    I don’t think it’s unusual for any dog to run in a set pattern in their own yard, but I wonder, are you leash walking also? I think sometimes when dogs have lots of pent up energy this can happen.
    Good Luck!

  5. MMFSKI Says:

    yes, he has a neurological disorder, you need to take him to your vet for tests

  6. skittles_becky Says:

    If your dog’s only exercise is playing in the back yard, then he’s probably just bored. Try taking him for longer walks (20-30 minutes twice a day). You can also play games (fetch, sit for treats on ground, sit and wait, etc) that challenge his mind. If after that the behavior continues or gets worse, check in with your vet. Obsessive behavior can be a sign of neurological problems.

  7. John Mountain boy Says:


  8. ?Lola? Says:

    No my 1 year maltese does it all the time when he’s outside

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