?LexyLoverr? asked:

Okay I have had my Pug 4 lets say about 5-6 months. She is 9 months old right now. But ever since we first got her she is just so hyper. Especially when there are friends or company over. She just jumps,squeals, and just gets hyper. As soon as we get home from leaving only 4 like 5 minutes she gets too happy and then hyper? Are all pugs like that? If not How can I fix it?

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  1. blpchick Says:

    Pug puppies are hyper. I have one that is 6 months and she is the same. I hear they are supposed to calm down around 2 years or so.

  2. Mizz P Says:

    My friend has a pug and she was extremely hyper too, but now she’s about 2 years old and she calmed down a little…..i would say about 40% less hyper than when she was a pup. Maybe if u take her for long walks she’ll get tired out.

  3. Jen Says:

    My pug is 5 months old, and he’s the exact same. He gets randomly hyper, but then he will sleep a lot. They crave attention, even more than some other dogs, so new people or people returning to the house makes them happy. (They have no sense of time, so it doesn’t matter if it’s 4 minutes, or 4 hours. Actually, they are more likely to be hyper after only 4 minutes because they had no time to sleep, where as if you come back after 4 hours they might just be waking up when you get home, therefore less hyper) One thing to make sure you do is give them minimal attention when you first come home, and while you are leaving the house. If you give them lots of attention during these times, they might develop separation anxiety. Basically your pug is a happy, normal pug. =)

    PS- Even though they are small and can’t exercise too much, it’s important that they get at least an hour of exercise everyday not only for their weight, but to help control the hyperness, too. If they are too hyper they start acting up. If your dog is extra loud, or causing trouble more often it might be time to go to the doggy park for some socialization and extra special time. A walk is fine, but a dog park brings in other dogs, more things to do, new things to sniff, and more people. Does wonders on my pug. In fact, today he was getting ansy and hyper, barking at nothing. I took him to the dog beach for just an hour, came home, and now he’s snoring on my lap. So cute.

  4. ?I LOVE MY GOLDEN!! ? Says:

    Yes a lot of ougs are like that…. take em’ out side and lettem’ run it out or play with them or even be hyper with them and if you take them on walks every day or every other day it will reduce the hyperness and just so you know the older a dog gets it starts to get less hyper and calms down

  5. John F Says:

    This doesn’t answer your question directly, but I’ve known people with golden retreivers and these dogs are perpetually active and disobedient for about 18 months. After that, these same dogs calm down considerably and are like big rugs laying around the house.

  6. James S Says:

    Their hyper for a few years. Mine is 4 yr. old now. He’s kind of lazy but still likes his evening romps. Gets excited when people comes but over all he’s real laid back.

  7. Caramel Fudge =D Says:

    play with her and give her exercise.and teach her tricks like stay and sit and roll over to wear off the energy.

  8. Kim k Says:

    She should calm down at about 18 months. I have one pug, one of my adult son has 2 and the other has one. They’re the calmest dogs I’ve ever seen. That’s why we all like pugs so much, well, one of the reasons.
    If you want a dog to be calm you need to maintain a calm environment. They tend to absorb their environment. If for instance, you have young children who are running around stimulating the pup she is going to be hyper. She may also just need more exercise.
    Make sure she gets lots of outside exercise so she doesn’t have a bunch of pent up energy. We sort of have acceptable outside behavior and acceptable indoor behavior. I take her for two long walks everyday and she gets offleash at the park for a good long run halfway through the walks. My husband has been healing from a knee injury and she is perfectly content to lay in bed watching TV with him all day as long as she gets her morning and evening exercise.
    She’s an adult now but even when she was young she was like this. Pugs are so adaptable. She is content to be out running and playing but also content to have someone to curl up next to for 20 hours or so :)
    Pugs, ya gotta love ‘em/
    Oh and I forgot about figure 8s. I don’t know what it is about pugs but every one of them I’ve known runs figure 8s when they need to burn off energy. If you have someplace where she can be off leash encourage her to start running full tilt. She’ll tuck her ears back, get down low and race around in a figure eight pattern. It’s hysterical to watch. Pugs are not exactly built for speed.

  9. Girl w/ a Pug ™ Says:

    All puppies are hyper!
    As you can tell I have a Pug. When I got him (5 months old) He was as hyper as a bouncy ball that never stops! Right now (5 YEARS old) he is as lazy as a door knob but he still has his hyper moments every day! So, wait a while and he will be tame.

  10. Sam W Says:

    High-energy dogs are always ready and waiting for action. Originally bred to perform a canine job of some sort, such as retrieving game for hunters or herding livestock, they have the stamina to put in a full workday.

    here’s a list of comparison to other dogs. Pug is on 3:

  11. Kelsey F Says:

    Hey! My pug is eight months old. He is VERY hyper. I was going to ask the same question, because I have asked other pug owners if their pugs were hyper, and they said no, that their pugs were calm. Do you have other dogs? I have a rat terrior and I think that is where my pug learned to be hyper. My friend’s pug was calm until she got a beagle, so that could be it. My vet said that once a pug makes you laugh, they continue to do silly things to keep you laughing, just like a baby. So, if you laugh when your pug is being hyper, she may be just trying to keep you laughing!! I have been working with my pug to sit, but there isn’t much you can do. I have let him run for hours and hours and it doesn’t calm him down. So if you figure something out, let me know!! Thanks!!

  12. rayvonti Says:

    They grow out of it and become lazy couch potatoes. Try waiting 2 more years. Or give her more exercise. Don’t think of it as a problem, just focus on the positive.

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