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I did not try to breed her, therefore I do not when she conceived. She is an outside pet and I just noticed this. Please help.
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19 Responses to “My Rottweilers teats dropped and are producing milk, how long will it be before she has her puppies?”

  1. laughter_every_day Says:

    get out your catcher’s mit.

  2. I-Eat-Paint-Chips Says:

    I don’t know. Maybe you can take her on ‘Maury’ to find out “who the real father is.”

  3. fortitudinousskeptic Says:

    Anytime now. You should get her vet attention to make sure the delivery is OK.

  4. tictactara10 Says:

    Get an appointment with her vet. They’ll give you some basic information and all that.

  5. ?daisy's?my?lil'?baby? Says:

    okay i have watched my aunt u have to stick a thermometer up her butt and if it’s over 103* it will be any day

  6. doldaggabuzzbuzz Says:

    That’s why you can’t keep an un-spayed dog outside. The milk will come in within two weeks of the birth of the puppies.

  7. swheatmamato3 Says:

    Do you know for a fact that she is pregnant? How long has it been since she was in heat? If she is pregnant gestation is about 60-63 days. Also, if she does not appear pregnant (enlarged tummy) she may be having a false pregnancy. Our dog just did this two months after her last heat cycle.

    Regardless, give your vet a phone call and make an appt to be seen.

  8. republicansarecruel Says:

    Call your vet and make sure she is getting proper care. And please, as soon as she can, please have her spayed. Non-professionals breeding for fun are a big reason that 3-5 millions animals (including rotties) are killed each year in shelters.

  9. davidmichaud Says:

    Get more help on here.
    We have a Rottweiler Expert Breeder in our membership.

  10. baron Says:

    she is getting ready any time .if you want narrow it down more take her temp. when it drops to 98 degrees she will whelp with in 12-24 hours. the normal Temp for a dog is 100 to 102 degrees. have fun with the puppies and while she is feeding them keep her in the house because the bugs will harm the pups. also keep her food bowl full of food. she is making milk for the puppies and it will take alto out of her. a good brand of puppy food is a must for her. at 3 weeks of age take the pups to the vet for worming.then follow their guide lines as to vaccinating them. it is also a good idea to take mom and pups to the vet the day after she has the pups they will want to check the pups over for any problems and make sure mom has had all the pups. if you plan on docking are removing the tails and dewclaws this is done 3-4 days after they are born.

  11. roy_alice_mills Says:

    anytime now

  12. Mama Goose Says:

    Your dog will be getting close. Like Baron said, but the only thing I disagree with, taking the pups to the vet. My vet wouldn’t give my pups their shots until they were six weeks old. Then at twelve weeks they got their rabies shot.

    I didn’t have my pups dew claws taken off because I didn’t know about that. But the rest of what he said is right. The temp, if 99 or below, means with in the next day or so. And if she starts to pant heavily, then she is in labor. Don’t know where you live, but should take her in the house, heat, and bugs can and will kill the pups. Fleas can suck the blood from pups, if there are a lot in your area, and on the mother. If the mother hasn’t started labot yet, see if you can give her a bath. Set up an area for her to have the pups. Make sure you do feed her a good puppy food. Because she will be nursing, she will need the extra nutriants from the puupy food.And if you do have the money, take her to the vets to make sure she is healthy to have them. My dog had a first good litter, but her second litter, she had a problem and had to have a c-section to remove a pup who was stuck in the birth canal

    If she is just an out side pet, and you didn’t want her to have pups, maybe you should get her fixed, so it won’t happen again. If you want to breed her, you have to pay attention to when she comes in heat. Some dogs come every six months, some don’t.

    Good luck with the pups, and have a nice night.

  13. Shan Says:

    bring her to a vet

  14. Moonfairy Says:

    Oh just lovely “she was an outside dog and I just noticed this”?????? Gee you didn’t know she was not spayed? wonderful

  15. jody n Says:

    really soon be watching

  16. iceni Says:

    With first time mothers, nothing is guaranteed. I hope the puppies are cute- at least it will be easier to find homes for them.

  17. Anne C Says:

    Take her to vet to know for sure

  18. dvm2b Says:

    Ummm..get her spayed after the puppies are born – if she is “bagging up” with milk – it will be soon…dogs are pregnant for ~63 days.

  19. Cherry Says:

    pretty soon!

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