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Arthur J asked:

I like a pug and a golden retriever so I am wondering if there is a mix between the two.

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24 Responses to “What is a mix between an golden retriever and pug?”

  1. brindle Says:

    unnatural and potentially dangerous for both dogs. get one or the other or both.

  2. laura c Says:

    yes…it’s called a mutt!!!!!! Go to your local shelter…they have plenty of them!

  3. brandi b Says:

    simple a golden pug

  4. Says:

    Its not a golden pug. you should pay for one if you want that mix get one from the pound.

    Mixing the 2 is not a good idea. You can get one of each, I have a pug and he is a great little guy.

    There are mixes of the 2 you can find a mix of any 2 breeds but there are alot of health problems that can come along with them. Take all the health problems from a pug add all the health problems from a golden and thats what you could get. Of corse there is a change you can get one with no health problems but your best bet when buying a dog is to find a good breeder who tests there dogs for health problems and only breeds healthy dogs.

    people who breed mixes usualy do not do the healt testing and paying for one is not a good deal, Your supporting bad stuff and your getting ripped off.

  5. justin m Says:

    A gOLDEN rUG

  6. Kim U Says:

    I’ve never seen the 2 mixed! Not sure I’d want to, either!

    But I guess it’s up to what you’re looking for in your dog.

    What do you like about the golden? Do you want a big dog? What do you like about a pug? Do you want a small dog? Can you afford to have one of each if you can’t decide?

    List them all together and see which one means the most to you.

    If there’s certain traits from each that you want, but want a good medium sized dog, you may choose to look at an existing medium-sized breed. Take a Cocker Spaniel. They are bright dogs, a nice medium size, and come in a variety of colors, including that golden buff color. Shelties, Welsh Corgies, Finnish Spitz are all good medium sized options.

    Good luck!

  7. Goldengal Says:

    OH MY! You just gave my stomach a turn!!!

  8. tina m Says:

    A good old fashioned MUTT. It cracks me up that people today will spend a bunch of money on these mixed breeds that are simply mutts. It’s like being on an episode of Punk’d

  9. ChiwawaMamma Says:

    A mix between a golden and a pug IS A MUTT.! plain and simple. Just get one or the other. Do not give some crazy back yard breeder another hair brained idea to make a buck.

  10. redneckcowgirlmo Says:

    No and there shouldn’t be. That is a big size difference. Pugs usually have problems whelping anyways.

  11. mrs.sharon2u Says:

    I wouldnt because it could hurt the mother and Pups or kill em!! If u have a dog and u r feeding it Ol’Roy then it has been recalled it is making the dogs sick and some have died!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Guiness Says:

    Ouch, I’m just hoping the pug’s the dad, haha, for the mom’s sake during birth. Interesting combo. Of course, he’d have a hard time reaching during mating, unless she was accomodating. I’d like to see the result, but have never heard of the mix personally.

  13. sarah, sarah m Says:

    i’m not quite sure that that mix exists. when you have two dogs that are so different in build and size the genes generally don’t mix very well and result in still births and/or defects if the dog gets pregnant at all.

  14. gofish Says:

    You might win a price for uglyness

  15. emzr Says:

    naming the mix should be farthest thing from your mind. there’s too much discrepancy between the breeds and a mix would not be the best idea. never mind how the pups will look – a dog is a dog is a dog, and they’ll always have the potential of being gentle souls – but just think of the possible medical problems!

    i have a pomeranian-pekingese mix who i got from a local shelter who everybody thinks is the cutest little guy, but i’ve heard of many medical complications that Peke-a-poms (that’s what they call them – I could care less) might’ve inherited from their parents.

    if you’re so keen about getting what they call “Designer Breeds”, why not cross your Golden with a Poodle for a Goldendoodle? They say they’re cute, and the breeds would be more compatible, don’t you think? But even better, just go to your local shelter and welcome a lovable dog into your home!

  16. GG Says:

    Yuck!! That would be a mutt.Available at any shelter for a reasonable fee.Not a designer dog just a good ol’ mutt.Makes me ill to see people breeding dogs that have not business being bred.This is why we have crazy doodles,puggles etc in the world.Sad very sad….

  17. Liz Says:

    You’ve got a mixed breed…a mutt…that’s all. There is no one name for your mixed breed. Names for mixed breeds come from what people want to call them. You could call him a “goldi-pug” or a “pugtriever”. Most mixed breed names are made up by the people who own or breed them.

  18. Mee Moe Says:

    I bred pugs before, they are very loyal to their master. But then again I heard that retrievers are great to, but very large breed. depending on if you want an outside dog or an inside dog. Pugs are inside dogs and will cost you more money in the end, because of their noses, they dont breath very well. they dont breed together (lab and pug), at least I dont think so, it just sounds alittle crazy. a little dog and a very large dog. pugs are just too damn cute and have such a great personality…good luck with your decision.

  19. Latias_dragon Says:

    If you want a designer Pug, a Puggle is for you. They are pug/beagle mixes, extremely cute, and a step up from that ‘dog pound mutt’.

    Breeding the pair is extremely dangerous in all ways. Dogs with pushed in faces are more likely to need a C-Section than other dogs (not including Shih Tzus).

    If a Puggle won’t work, try breeding two dogs that are roughly the same size, like a Golden and Standard Poodle, hence another designer dog, the Goldendoodle.

  20. brea96 Says:

    go on google and find out

  21. Amy Says:

    I have one, too. He is five years old and is the best dog! They were accident puppies and the owner was just giving them away. (Just FYI…the father was the pug and the mother was a very passive golden. Nothing dangerous in that breeding…just unusual. )

    Most people think he is a a corgie or cocker spaniel mix. He looks exactly like a miniature golden retriever…beautiful…the perfect size! All of the puppies in the litter were adorable!

    He was easy to train, is fantastic with kids and other dogs and everyone who has ever met him loves him. I have had numerous offers over the years to adopt him from me. Never! I wish I could clone him and I think someone would be brilliant to begin breeding the mix!

  22. joseph Says:

    yes i have one they are very good dog and they r good with aroud :p to

  23. Nathan Says:

    I have a golden/pug mix, I have been looking online for years trying to find if anyone else has had this. My guy is pure accident, mom golden dad pug, he looks just like a small golden. He has the intelligence and temperment of a golden and the excitement of a pug. For all of you who think they are nothing more than a mutt, you are right, but he is a golden in a small package, perfect for those without a big house. If you want pictures I can send them. My sister got him off a farm in CO. Best dog I have ever had. He has no health problems and is in great shape. The only attribute that he brings along from the two breeds is allergies. I will check back on the forum if anyone wants photos for proof that it can be done.

  24. john austin Says:

    I have a golden retriever and puggle mix…he is the best dog ever.he looks like a black lab puppy.great swimmer and gentle as can be

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