Robert asked:

I have an overweight female miniature Dachshund and i need to know what to feed her to make her loose weight.

Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

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  1. Mutt Mommy Says:

    Dog Food Secrets!

    LESS food, MORE exercise! Cut out ALL treats… if you want to give them any treats, give them a little piece of carrot or green bean.

    It is NOT GOOD for any dog to be overweight… especially a breed prone to back problems!

  2. L Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Get her diet food from your vet

  3. sophylakes Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    less food,, MORE EXERCISE,,,,,,, they don’t get fat by themselves

  4. abbyful Says:

    Start a Doggie Daycare

    Feed her less. And exercise her more.

  5. berner mom Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    I haven’t had to deal with an overweight dog, so I’m not sure of the best dog food to get for her. I am sure you will get some good suggestions from others.

    Remember that losing weight is a 2 part step. Along with cutting back on food, snacks, she will also need exercise!!

  6. SpLasH Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    feed her only a little in the morning and then in the evening. In the morning it’s best to give her a weight loss dog food (i’m sure purina has some kinds). In the evening give him a small can of wet food..around the half the size of a caesar can (if you know what it looks like). It isn’t a lot but I have the same kind of dog..except for she’s not overweight. Also take her for a 20 minute walk once or twice a day. Even though she’s little she needs to stay active.

    you could also ask your vet if they have any suggestions…sometimes they’ll suggest vegetables like green beans which is really healthy for them.. And you would mix the green beans with either a bit of dry food or wet food.

    good luck :) :)

  7. Barbara B Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    It’s really important for all pets to maintan a good healthy weight, but especially for dachshunds because the strain of excessive weight on their spines can cause all kinds of serious back problems. Check with your vet, they may recommend a special lo-cal food. Science Diet has low cal foods of pretty good quality. Cut out ALL treats and table scraps. And get that little girl to exercise more. It usually happens gradually, but if you really care about her it will work.
    Good luck and happy walks!!

  8. roxledford Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    If the dog is home alone during the day/night, it would be important to measure out her food and put it out for her to eat before you leave. Let her eat and then put the bowl away. When you get home do the same thing. She should be satisfied with the serving of food that is recommended on the dog food label.

    If you do change her eating habits, began on the weekend.

    And as the others suggested

    1) Cut out table food
    2) Cut out snacks
    3) Begin taking her for walks

  9. Dixie Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    You need to use a food developed for weight loss. Just cutting her back on regular dog food could deprive her of much needed nutrients. Starving her is unhealthy and it will make her miserable. You can’t expect a dog or a human to exercise when they are starving.
    I would try Life’s Abundance Weight Loss Dog Food. It works great and it’s loaded with probiodics, anti oxidants, proteinated minerals and it’s free of chemicals,wheat, corn, gluten, preservatives. LA is one of the few pet foods that are both USDA and APHIS certified. APHIS certified means the product is certified for Europe and Europe has more stringent laws than the US does governing pet food. Go to and request a free sample. There is a area on line that you can contact a rep and request free samples instead of buying samples :)
    That food plus some exercise should do the trick. They also sell Wholesome Hearts low fat dog treats, they smell like ginger they are awesome! Weigh your dog each week. I have a friend with an over weight collie mix and this dog already lost 5lbs on this dog food and the treats.

  10. kaybeepgh_29 Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    We have a malamute that needed to lose weight and our vet suggested Purina fit & trim. We cut down on our boys amount (we don’t starve him!) of food and we cut out all the people food we were giving him. He still gets dog treats and the occasional pizza crust but he has dramatically slimmed down over some time. A slim dog is a much healthier and more active dog. We learned that.

  11. gimpybaker Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    Dachshunds are prone to over eating and obesity. A dachshund that is already overweight should be seen by a vet who can help you to develop a suitable weightloss plan based on her weight, general health and age. Increase her activity level, but please do this gradually. If you are not already taking her on regular walk, then please start with just around the block and gradually add to it. You can also incorporate excerise with play. A minature dachshund should eat 1/2 to 3/4 cup dry food a day … I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but most dachshunds WILL overeat if allowed. Dachshunds don’t do well on high fat or high protein food unless they are very very active (like dogs that compete if field trials). Try lots of praise in place of treats and snacks. Of course none of us can completely deprive our dogs of all treats, try low calorie treats and even small pieces of fruit. You can also add cooked peas and carrots to their food. A dachshund should never be allowed to graze. At meal time, put their food down for 15 minutes. If any remains in the dish after 15 minutes, pick it up and they do not get more until the next meal time. It may be hard on both of you to make these changes, but you will have a healthier, happier dog in the long run. Remember, dachshunds are notorious for back problems and periodontal disease, being overweight and or poor diet can seriuosly compicate these problems. Good luck and I hope you have many years with a healthy and happy dog.

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