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I have an 8 month old male pug who was trained to go outside. We just brought home an 8 week female pug, and obviously we are in the process of house training her. So their are plenty of accidents. Now however, my male pug poops in the house….Not all the time…The other day…he actually started on our bed….never did that before! What can I do….I’m afraid hes going to start peeing inside the house. That will destroy the carpet! Thanks.

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  1. Iggy Schnauzer Demon Says:

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    He is smelling the poop from the puppy and you will need to really clean the area that is soiled very good….he is only doing what dogs do best, he is following suit of the smell.

    you can stop him easy………just really clean up hot and heavy after new dog…

  2. Damiana Says:

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    Stress will often trigger accdents. My guess is the new female is very over-whelming for him and is having trouble controlling it. The best thing for you to do is let him know that you havn’t forgot about him, take him on maybe more walks, by him a special new toy, just let him know hes not being replaced or anything. The other thing it could be is if you’ve resentally changed his diet, the new food is a shock to his digestive system and he can’t help his pooing. Hope that helps. Good Luck ; )

  3. babsie b Says:

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    Poop on your bed sounds like jealousy. He is trying to tell you he isn’t happy about the ‘intruder’.

    Make sure to give him plenty of attention. Isolate him if necessary until he learns that if he’s going to misbehave, he won’t be allowed the freedoms of the house.
    Gotta show him you are still boss.
    Introduce his new friend slowly.
    And…..consistency, patience, and more and more of both!

  4. deltadawn Says:

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    I believe he is having a little “snit-fit”!
    I’ve had Pugs and they can get “their nose out of joint” when not the centre of attention.
    He is having an attention getting tantrum of sorts.
    Try either giving him as much attention as the little one and/or keeping him confined to a room for awhile until he learns to wait to go to do biz.
    Don’t give him entire house to roam.
    Be sure to re-enforce to him, that he is still the #1 dog too.
    Gd. luck.

  5. cagney Says:

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    make sure you’re using a pet deoderizer to clean up the puppies accidents. he’s smelling them and marking over them. is he neutered? if not having him neutered will help before he starts to urinate in the house too.

    make sure you are exercising him enough, this can be a reaction to the new dog in the house. if he’s getting enough exercise this can help also.

    if nothing seems to be working, get a crate and retrain him using a crate all over again. do the same with the puppy. don’t let either dog out of your site or have them in their crates. when you catch either dog in the act tell them no and take them outside. praise the dog or dogs when the do go potty outside. there shouldn’t be many accidents if you’re keeping a watchful eye on your puppy. the best way to stop accidents is to prevent them. be consistent and patient it will take both dogs time to adjust to their new family.

  6. Judy Says:

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    Sounds to me like he is jealous. Going on the bed says that big time.

  7. Freelancer Says:

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    It’s a case of ‘what’s good for the goose…’…. pooping as you put it, is a territorial as peeing….once you get the new dog pooping outside…he will go there as well

  8. HandyManOrNot Says:

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    Pooping can be an act of staking a claim. It helps to clean up each mess as thoroughly as possible, get a carpet cleaner to keep on hand if need be, in order to keep the smell from enticing them to do it again.

  9. mark_abene Says:

    Sit Stay Fetch, Good Dog!

    He thinks its his home, not yours , so you gotta show him whose home it really is ,hes justa spoiled dog

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